Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pump It Up

Complete physical exhaustion...I have just finished BODYPUMP training. Three days of hardcore endurance weight training, not to mention the emotional/psychological strain of learning choreography and coaching methods. I feel completely drained, but so strong. It was a bit of a mix between the experience I had at the Olympic Training Center and the Presidents' Conference I went to for leadership.


I know that most people will probably ask me why in the hell I paid money to put myself through hell, gave up my weekend, and spent three days in Bakersfield in the middle of my nice, relaxing summer. It is an addiction, really. I cannot even explain the incredible power the runs through me, constantly asking for a new challenge. I would rather put myself through this hell than sit at home doing the same old thing for one more weekend. I believe that a person gets out of life what he or she puts into it. When I challenge myself I feel empowered, stronger, and more content. I think I am also a student junkie. I cannot stand to go through life without expanding myself mentally. I learned so much about coaching, motivating, and weightlifting itself this weekend.


The break and build cycle was such a great experience. When I used to do BODYPUMP at the gym, I would look up at the instructors and think to myself, "I can do that, not problem." So I went to the training and learned that it really was a lot more involved than I thought it was I doubted myself for a while. However, as I pushed through, I realized that it could be done. I am not that far off.


It was also nice to realize that I am in DAMN good shape, if I do say so myself…Bring on the pain, I'm addicted to pump.


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