Friday, August 3, 2007

The San Franciscan in Short

Now - OMG, the family vacation. I have spent the past three plus hours dishing with my mom, my sister, and Hansie about various dramatic goings on in Ventura and beyond. I just love Hansie so much, he livens up my life without fail. When he is around, all of the sudden things like saying the word "cunt" or talking about the sex lives of certain mutual acquaintances (with my mom right next to me).

Later - We have FINALLY arrived…after what seems like five days in the car with the continuous insensitivity and general population bashing, I am sitting the ginormeous lobby of the Hilton san Fransisco. I am discovering the amazingness that is free public wifi. All I can think is, "Why do we not have free public WiFi in Ventura?" it's abaloutley radonculous.

Thursday - I have found my calling…the way that I can can work my way through college and make a name for myself in the bustling little island they call Manhattan: tour guide. I had so much fun yesterday taking my family through the North beach neighborhood, spewing out random facts about places that I found out from my handy Frommer's guide book. This could be Eurotrip, if only I could get laid in Amsterdam. Instead, I bought the Mando Diao CD at Amoeba in the the Haight today and incessantly played the song "Amsterdam."

Being a tour guide really hit me in the middle of the tour that I was leading yesterday afternoon. All of the sudden it dawned on me: I can be loud, controlling, and know-it-all at one time, and get paid for it! All my history and random fact nerdiness would be coveted rather than shrugged off. Guiding tours is also a great way to meet attractive, interesting foreign guys (that can afford to take the tour!). Not that I am actually that shallow as to use such as dating criteria...

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