Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedow

In all the Ahmadinejadmania, I have not been able to get a personal word in (to anyone, really). I have been so swamped with Spectator stakeouts and writing articles and, oh yeah, that homework thing that is an unfortunately byproduct of going to college. Above and beyond the Ahmadinejad hoopla, which was very exciting in itself, I also covered the keynote address by the president of Turkmenistan on Monday morning. While somewhat less controversial, he still had some quirks about him. Turkmenistani politics are probably the best discovery I have made since coming here (other than maybe the curry station in Lerner). I have read 10 books of the Odyssey in the past two days, and have four more to go before 6.10, so I'll have to leave most of my thoughts until later. However, the previous sentence more or less sums up my life the past few days, so no one is really missing much.

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