Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It Rains

It pours, as everyone snores. Being a morning person around here is rather lonely. Only the sports kids keep me company, and for the most part they are out sporting, and I have got the world to myself until my French class starts at 10. The real world starts around 10ish…But I like my quite mornings. "Morning person" has been redefined for college life, even for me; I get up between 7:30 and 8:30 most mornings, sometimes go for a run, have cereal, yogurt, and an apple, do a little reading, a little emailing, a little trolling of the internet. Sometimes I write in the blog. I then gather my stuff, head downstairs, grab a NY Times and catch up with the day's headlines over a $1 coffee refill or tea I have made in my room. The more I hammer out the morning sequence, the more I enjoy it. I have learned things like Lerner Hall doesn't have Splenda, and the chairs in Butler Library coffee lounge are quite comfortable and conducive to morning reading. And with that, so my day begins.

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cpharaoh said...

I love your blog comments. It makes me feel like I get to go to the museums, gyms,& NYC's offerings vicariously. Thanks for all your insights & details.and of course, the photos!!
'Morning Person' and dorm life don't usually go together too well, as I recall from my UCSB days. Nobody even quiets down until 2 am, much less sleeps![I had a 7 am Spanish class that didn't last long].
Glad to hear that Trader Joe's is there too. Lainie was thrilled to find one close to her dorm in Boston.
Have you looked into those 'fashion statement' Z-coil shoes for your NYC traipsings :-))
Maybe Santa will put some Tide to go sticks in your stocking this year... a great invention,eh?
It seems that you & NYC are made for each other.
Love you,
Auntie Cathie