Thursday, September 6, 2007

Midnight in Butler

It is midnight and I sit here in the ground floor reading room of Butler library, surrounded by other student and some of the most famous literary works of all time, reading away for my history of International Order Since 1815 class tomorrow afternoon. I just finished my reading for American Foreign Policy. Surprisingly, I have had too much caffeine today, and would probably be up whether or not I needed to study tonight.


Classes kicked off with a bang the past two days; I have already been overwhelmed with syllabi, French workbook pages, "outline the class" lectures, professors attempting to make a joke or two, and an immense amount of reading requirements. So far, I am in love. While I have spent a good 5 hours in the past two days doing reading/outlining, another two on French, and about 9 hours in class, everything I have been doing has been interesting. I am in college now! Finally! I am taking a history class that goes over the concepts and formations of international organizations throughout the world, which basically covers all of my intellectual obsessions, while also covering my British professor accent requirement for the semester. Then I have a no-nonsense American Foreign Policy lecturer that will do well to cover my dark humor requirement.


I had my two Core classes today, both taught by grad students. They are young, asked us to call them Rachel and Todd, and best of all, they know their shit. Lit Hum professors are somewhat luck-of-the-draw, since there is about 80 sections of that class and almost all professors on campus have to teach it. My grad student just so happens to have studied in the Classics department for 6 years and spent the majority of our first class telling us the entire Trojan Cycle, just for background knowledge.


I think the best part of the week is realizing that I can be intellectually elitist and be perfectly acceptable in my community. Also, knowing that people around here STILL come to me for common sense questions makes me rather happy. I have friends who come to me to talk about things, people that I go to lunch with, and best of all, a community that loves school as much as I do, who stresses out about things as much (or more) than I do, and a community that really just wants to do cartwheels in the hall before going to the library to study.


I climbed thirteen flights of stairs to my floor four times today (plus six to get up to the African Studies room in the library earlier this morning). Mega props for myself. I also attended a Model UN meeting, solved the study/television in the lounge problem for my floor to the best of my ability, and used my Tide-to-go pen to get a coffee stain off my bed when I accidentally put my backpack with my mug haphazardly down on my bed.

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