Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New York City

After a week here, I am already beginning to feel like I am home. It is so weird how living in such close confines with people can make you bond so quickly. It has only been a week (almost two for the COBOP people), but already I feel like I could trust some of these people with my life. I am closer to some of them that I was to 95% of the people that I grew up with in Ventura. Sure, I might go over a little on my cell phone bill (rollover…right? :) ) but I really feel like I connect with these people.

Everyone has a quirk. There is something about each of the individuals that I have met that makes them stand out. They might run marathons, or play the viola, or have traveled to every continent on the globe, excluding Antarctica. Everyone is smart; I don't feel uncomfortable talking about classes, Harry Potter, or even the Iliad. I feel liberated that I am no longer self-conscious about my thoughts. Being nerdy is completely and totally embraced.

Beyond the walls of Carmen Hall, I am connecting with the city. I ventured into Queens again today for more tennis. Andy Roddick once again disappointed me by only allowing me to see him play one set before having his opponent retire (twice in one week!). Yesterday, I went to the Whitney Museum of American Art to see the tail end of the "Summer of Love" exhibit, which is only in town for two more weeks. It was two floors of crazy psychedelic art from the late 60's originating from San Fransisco, New York, and London. The best part is that it was FREE!! My Columbia University ID card is my new best friend. From there, I proceeded to the largest department store in the world, Macy's in Herald Square, and bought my ritualistic first day of school outfit.

If I had any energy whatsoever, I would continue my flushing out of my fabulous adventures, but since I do not, I shall leave a few thousand words to be said by these pictures:

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