Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reading…and some more reading.

The week has set in, and it is time for me to get to work. I have ridiculous amounts of reading to do, about 150 pages today, which is more or less the norm throughout the Sunday-Wednesday night serious-work period. I nabbed an excellent spot in the library where I can see out the window, almost directly across from Low Library. It is a beautiful day outside, just chilly enough for a light sweater, but nice and warm in the sun. I am feeling very productive, having already completed a 5.5 mile run this morning with my new (AWESOME) Nike+, gone to French class, and rewritten and edited the capsule I wrote for Columbia's daily newspaper, The Spectator (Spec). Classes are great, the weather is great, my friends are great, all of which puts me in a generally great mood.


I had a little bit of catching up to do on my reading since I spent all weekend my with my mom, but it was well worth it. Last weekend, I sampled about 5 different cuisines from different parts of the world, ventured into places I had never been in the city, rode bikes through Central Park, had more Starbucks than I have had in a month, introduced my new friends to my mom, went shopping, received my sweaters (a true highlight as the air became a bit nipply), and just had an awesome time with my mom. Last Friday we did a museum super-set: she did the Met in the morning while I was in class, then we went to the Cloisters, and we ended up at MoMA for Free Fridays.


I am still in la-la-land over how amazing my life is at the moment.

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wolfy said...

You know, I really just cannot believe that you refer to the weather as "nipply."

here's to hoping you've got a good bra,