Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Sum of my Life on a Coffeetable

I spent a portion of my morning at Joe's Cafe in the Village. This is widely recognized as one of the best coffeeshops in the City, and I just had to try it. Note that there are two cups of coffee in front of me. Not only is this symbolic of my love/need for coffee as a college student, but also warrented. Joe himself was making lattes this morning, and put a free one up on the bar that he messed up. It was too pretty to pass up, so I swiped it, mostly to test out if he really is one of the best in the city (paper cup is just plain coffee because I'm still a college student and cheap). It was an excellent latte.

This picture more or less sums up my life. I spend my time drinink coffee, reading classics, going to random places I have heard about in the city, and listening to my iPod (Bono's Red campaign special edition, fyi), and running with my Nike+, which goes along with the ipod. Pierre was nice enough to point out that I even have my french represented in there, since the pencil is a Bic. I really love this picture.

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Krista said...

Shane, part of me is jealous... I would love to sit in the city while doing my reading & writing my papers!