Monday, October 15, 2007

Bored (aka distracted) in Butler

The girl next to me is chewing her gum so loud that I can hear it with my music on full volume through my headphones. I am a total hypocrite; I chew gum when I am stressed out (so, every time I sit down to do homework), but it is one of my biggest pet peeves. I absolutely cannot stand the sound of smacking gum, it drives me insane. When my roommate gets out the gum I either have to put in earplugs or leave the room. Since I know that I am a culprit of this very same deed (though I know how to keep my mouth shut, unlike miss flytrap over on the right here), I feel like I cannot complain. Instead, I go on random blog rants. Let's see if I can't find something more productive to rant about...

So this is Manny Ramirez on Saturday night...and if you see the lady to his left in the red scarf, I am sitting about 10 rows up from her. After the Homecoming game on Saturday, I flew with my roommate Sara and her family to Boston specifically for the purpose of spend 5 hours at Fenway Park, having a little clam chowda, and talking to the drunk condom manufacturer next to us. It was a roaring good time (until the 11th inning, that is).

Note that I somehow got a picture in before I turned completely into Rudolph. 40 degree weather was a small price to pay for the Sox, though.

Check out the craziness of Fenway. It outdoes Dodger Stadium in a few ways, one of my favorite being in the 9th inning when I watched the lady in cheetah gloves give the bird to the guy behind her, be asked to leave by the security guard, and then proceed to pour her beer on him before stomping off the premises. Another notable find of the night: the slightly awkward Carackerjack kid, Nathaniel, who happens to be the kid that told me for two straight weeks in the summer of 2004 (at Brown) that "this is the Red Sox' year...we're finally going to win it" causing me to root for them all through the World Series and be amazed when they did, in fact, win it all. Imagine seeing him randomly three years later, in Fenway Park (and he remembered me!).

In other news, I have two papers due today. One is finished, the other is awaiting a conclusion (after I am done brain-lapsing here). my latest foray into the world of Spectator is researching for a food article I am doing on the best chocolate in New York City. So far I am less than half done, and more than half in heaven. if ever in SoHo, be sure to head to Broome Street for some amazing Aztec hot chocolate or cute little painted ganache (in 27 different and exotic flavors).

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