Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fun with Parent in a Vest and Tie

Currently sitting in room 402 in the International Affair Building, otherwise known as le grand-pu-pu politically lecture hall, listening to the grand-pu-pu himself, Joe Parent, professor of (barnard...) American Foreign Policy. As this is my favorite class, I thought I might put a few of the gems, and shout outs to Minnesotans, that get said in this class.

"some well-intentioned people do bad things because they suck."

"Everyone loves the Nazis for ethical problems"

"shark attacks no longer with us, Britney Spears- still with us"

"here's the thing right, she kind of reminds me of do you do so well for so long in the public sphere?"

Ted keeps piping up. he's ridiculously neo-con and annoying.

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