Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I love when my life comes together and the pieces all fit into place like those 500 piece puzzles that I hated as a child. Ahmadinejad was on the front page of the Times again this morning, along with Vladamir Putin, who I just talked about last night with my foreign Policy prof. at his office hours as he explained to me how the world works (or, rather, told me what has happened in the world and then asked me if I knew how the world works). So, the big picture of the two leaders' profiles splattered across the front page prompted me to flip to A6, where the real story was (Putin went to Iran, not much more happened). The subsequent picture, as pictured on the right made my day oh so happy as I read the caption, "Presidents Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran followed in the footsteps of Persian soldiers Tuesday." Persian soldiers. Like from the Persian wars. From Herodotus. Which we just read for Lit Hum. Now, if only I had read this in Le Monde this morning, it would have incorporated my attempt to learn French and my life would be complete. Instead, I just caught up on the goss. from the inner workings of Sarkozy's marriage (which incidentally I first found out about in the Times yesterday...there were some really good headlines in the Times yesterday). Here in French, and here from yesterday's Times. If you are really interested, they actually covered him doing real things this morning, despite his lack of booty, life goes on in the EU.

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