Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lerner--4th Floor

I have had some irrational musings lately, many of which I wish not to elaborate on, both because of time constraints and personal constraints. Full disclosure is not something that I as a blogger am bound by thankfully. Some points that I would like to touch on, however, as a break from Oedipus, tragedy, and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  • Last weekend, while walking down 8th Ave. between 14th and 15th streets I discovered a new phenomenon (less so as just a really odd anomaly): the Mexican Diner. Not Mexican restaurant, not family diner, but MEXICAN DINER. Full booths, coffee bar, tacos, and menu written in Spanish. Only in New York.
  • I frequently go to the fourth floor of Lerner to sit on the comfy chairs and read (and also consume Tasti), and for some reason, every time I am there I overhear some sort of relationship conflict. They are fairly juicy, sometimes on the phone, sometimes (like tonight) in person. "Now, this is the point in which I feel the need to get involved…" and as not to cause a jelly incident, I usually extricate myself from the situation, snickering to myself as I do. If only I was a screenwriter, I would have an abundance of material in which to pull from. Alas, I only have the time to briefly touch on it here in the world of blog.
  • I went skating in Central Park today. Nothing too notable happened, save for being informed that there is a DJ around the 72 St. transverse every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and a lot of people go there to skate. The best part of the day was definitely when I was attempting to skate TO Central Park, down hills and over uneven pavement on my Carreras with Mustang wheels on them…not exactly my most graceful of moments, but amusing all the same.
  • In other news, I finally found out what happened at the end of the Cold War (in other words, history did not cease to happen when I was born! The revelation!)
  • Kurt stole my American Foreign Policy notebook, which pisses me off.

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