Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rupert Murdoch with some Pumpkin Flavor

My weekly Sunday walk took me to the northwest corner of SoHo this morning, to Once Upon a Tart on Sullivan near Houston for an excellent pumpkin praline muffin, a mediocre cafe au lait, and some relaxing time with Euripedes' "Medea." I was a little earlier than I have been the past couple of weeks, so I let my feet take me a few avenues over to the Chelsea markets, which I have been meaning to check out since orientation week. Had I not already indulged in a muffin at Tart, I would have been hard-pressed to choose what kind of delicious creation I wanted from one of the six or so bakeries and specialty food stores that I drifted into. On the plus side, most places had tiny samples that I didn't feel too bad about partaking in.

On another note (more or less exciting I know not), I have been researching intellectual property, Web 2.0, and the You Generation for my University Writing paper and have come up with some REALLY interesting stuff. It is crazy how much control Rupert Murdoch has over the world. He could slander my MySpace page if he really came upon the desire. It is ridiculous how much wealth is concentrated in the supposedly free creative outlets of the internet these days. Google is sickeningly rich, and not looking to slow down anytime soon (actually, because I love calculus, their accelertaion is slowing a little, but that is simply because of the sheer amount of wealth that they have accumulated, it is hard to keep a percentage revenue up for too long...the velocity that they are making money will continue to skyrocket into the unforseeable future).

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