Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It is Election Day!

And I voted for the first time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, as exciting as my participation in the political process is, sadly it did not take place on November 6, 2007, but more like October 30 when I received my absentee ballot in the mail. Instead of voting in a designated polling place, I filled in my arrows while sitting in American Foreign Policy class (and still paying attention to the lecture, mind you). My ascension into adulthood consisted of a grand total of two choices for one election, as I am (un)lucky enough to live outside of city boundaries and was only eligible to vote for the school board. But it warmed my heart to know that shit still goes down the same way and Carol Dean Williams was running for the school board. Sometimes I just love the way that the American political process can cater to our fantasies, but not actually do much in reality.

I have my first restaurant review today for Spec. I am really excited, though I can't say that it will actually even end up getting published. I took it because it was offered to me, but it is all the way on the Lower East Side, which is fairly far from being relevant to the Upper West Side. All the same, it promises to be a learning (and eating) experience. The restaurant is called Chickpea, and its focus is on Mediterranean food that is baked and not fried. Yes, I have found baked falafel! How it is going to taste I don't know, but that is what today is for, no?

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