Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pictures and Thankfulness and stuff

It is thanksgiving, and I have enumerated many things that I am thankful for somewhere on my computer. In the spirit of the quiet evening (which I got to spend with my family!!!), I decided to have the first decent jaunt though the depths of Facebook that I have had in a long time. I found a bunch of pictures of me that I didn't even know existed, and a few that I did and wish did not. It gave me some perspective, however. It made me thankful for Peter and Joie, and the incessant picture-taking all summer. I have so many great memories that are all enumerated in image format so that I never have to forget them (who could really forget who won the last pool game, though...). I am also thankful for my new friends, my new school, and my new life. I realized how little of it I have documented on camera. I only have events that I deem important enough to remember my camera for, which is completely insincere to the true meaning of my life in New York. It is so much more, and so many more, than is shown through the lens of my little black Sony.

I am the only person alive in the house right now. I am up because I have just taken a nap, in front of the television (that has been on all day) because of the turkey that I ate (after I brined, then cooked it to perfection) in the presence of my family (which just makes me incredibly happy). I feel bad for those people that were not beside themselves with excitement to see their families during the holiday. I was so excited that I could barely concentrate on anything else for the last three days before they got here (I apologize to those that I was supposed to be paying attention to, especially in the Spec office). And they have yet to disappoint. It is as it always was: my mom has chisme to talk about with me, my dad wants a hug, my sister wants to be left alone until she feels the need to step in with a snarky, off-hand remark. There is friendly bickering, road rage, ill-fated bicycle rides, and of course, a U turn or two. I seriously could not ask for more than to be stuck in upstate New York wilderness with these three people that I hold most dearly-- seriously, NO more, because if it were more than two days I might be ready to kill them.

Tomorrow is sightseeing, and it should be a blast. Good, old fashioned, Ferro-family fun. rest assured, the Santa hats will be coming out at some point.

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