Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanksgiving: Part I

This beautiful display of acorn squash looks delictably delicious. That is because it is from Food Network, and not John Jay dining hall. Walking into dining hall Thanksgiving last night, I was expecting much less hooplah about the display and much more hooplah about food quality. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that they had hired servers for every table to bring out the food and that we would bnot be subjected to buffet style. However, the situation soon turned sour as I realized that our server was completely incompetent and the food, because it was sitting on the table and not in a warmer, was stone cold. No one likes cold bread. The only edible dish was the salad bowl, perhaps because of its inherent property of being room-temperature. Beyond that, the green beans were oil-soaked and tasteless, the bread was nearly stale, the stuffing was nothing but onion, and the turkey was left in the oven WAY too long. Our server brought us one dish at a time (stuffing, five minutes later potatoes, ten minutes later turkey, you get the picture). It became like a 7 course dinner. On top of it all, the server made it clear that he had never carved a turkey before and had no idea how to. So when I got my turkey shavings I just shut up and dealt. I skipped the apple dumplings in favor of the bad poetry contest, and I am told it was the correct decision to make.

Oh, John Jay.

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