Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back to Ventucky

It is nice to be home. I have already gone through a slew of emotions, and settled on something relatively anti-climactic. I spent my first two days home bombarded with family, which left me on a definite high. All those days I spent sad for a moment or two missing my family were not for naught. I actually do enjoy their company. In the last couple of days I have reevaluated my life, AGAIN (uh-gain, like a Canadian).

New York has made me elitist and a bit ethereal. It has been good to come home and realize that not everyone lives that way. Life goes on here just exactly as it was before--the same haunts, the same people, the same life. In being away from that for a while I have come to appreciate why some might prefer such a lifestyle. The suburbs make a little more sense to me. But at the same time, I can now definitively say that I am an urban girl.

I have done nothing today but drive around and go to megashops like Kohl's and Target. Ugh. Makes me remember why I left. But then again, I have also gone to Peet's, Mavericks, and Peter's house. All things that I love and have sorely missed.

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