Monday, December 10, 2007

Broadway and Sugar

Somehow, between turkeyshoot (Spec editorship selection process), term papers, and finals, I am finding some way to find some fun in life. The cute school children are my little Peace by Peace kids, who I teach conflict resolution to on Fridays in Harlem. Last night, I snuck out of the library for a few hours to go to Avenue Q, which gave me some much needed comedic relief. The best relief, however, came while I was walking through Times Square in the rain in my heels without an unbrella: I got the call that I am the new Food Editor for the Arts section of the Spectator!!!!! If I had any time left before class I might take the time to explain that. I'll save it for later though.
The last pictures is Sugar Cafe, which along with being "Sugar," served me one of the most amazing salads I have ever had today for lunch. pached pear, goat cheese, tomatos, and rasbery vinegrette. I was in heaven. More on food later...

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and there is Sugar's ass right above it!