Monday, December 24, 2007

Coming Home.

I am hoping that by spending two hours on my computer while sitting at the airport, I will be tired enough to sleep through my flight. I got at grand 3 hours last night (if you could call it a night), and woke with a splitting headache worse than the one that I went to bed with. I was then ripped off royally by a cabbie with bad hearing, though I didn't complain too much beyond stiffing him on tip, since most of the extra fee he charged for getting the terminal wrong and making two stops was picked up by the girl that I was sharing the cab with.

I can never get a full blog entry written because every time I sit down these days I start clicking. Clicking here, clicking there, making my way through the foodie blogs, researching my foodie interests, writing Spec emails. Restaurant Week is coming up. It will actually be going on during my birthday, which I am VERY excited about. That also means that I need to whip my food writers into shape before we even get back to school, because the week we get back it is off and running with daily updates.

But first I need to focus on going home. I am so excited to be going home to see my family, but the last couple of days that I have had in the city have really made me take into account how much of it is in me already.

"Most human beings are driven to seek security and comfort. But there is another group that can only thrive on change and the unexpected of New York."
--Cathleen Nesbit

I am one of those. Now that I have been there, done it, there is no turning back. As I was walking through Soho with Vesal yesterday, the subject of coming to Columbia came up. It turns out that both of us knew. Just a few days in the city were enough to convince us to pick up and move across the world (the country, in my case) for the allure of the city. Going home is a little scary. It is not really scary, but I wonder what to do if there is no subway to take, no city to absorb, no grand art to explore in those precious moments that I have between school and Spec and life. How do I refer to locations without the grid system? What to do when things can't be broken down into tiny neighborhoods to be explored and talked about? The hottest restaurants, clubs, and theater aren't within a 5 mile radius anymore? Tragedy.

While I can't imagine living anywhere else in America anymore (though I am not ruling out Europe), I am very excited to go back home. I am so excited for Christmas. I have been going to the Christmas markets, attending holiday cooking classes, watching the city magically transform into winter wonderland, and listening to carols endlessly on Ruckus since Thanksgiving. The only thing I am missing is my family. And now that they are less than 12 hours away I can feel my spirits rising even higher.

And I sit here thinking about what I have written and realize that it is just horrible writing. 5 AM is not my peak I don't think.


Mr. Geib said...

Welcome home, Shane! And congratulations on your successful first semester of college....

Josh H said...

If you need somebody to write reviews for food week, just let me know.