Monday, December 3, 2007

First (Real) Snow

I woke up to a flurry of snowflakes this morning. I will have to say that it was a little bit magical. I had to walk from 72nd to 59th street because of the never-ending weekend service changes on the 1 train, and my need (desire) to get to holiday treats decorating class at Williams-Sonoma in Columbus Circle. It was a bit nipply, but the fresh snow on the ground made for a beautiful city scene for 13 blocks. Espeically around the tree in Lincoln Center and down around Central Park. It also made going inside even better. :)

After learning how to use royal icing in about 50 different ways, I headed outside to the Christmas market across the street. The scene was truly a movie moment, as it had started snowing again, everything in the market was decorated Christmas-like, and there were people walking around with hot apple cider and gingerbread men. That experience pretty much made my day (all of which, from that point on, was spent doing spec and/or work).

All of the holiday cheer and general excitement around the city still gives me a pang or two of homesickness now and then, but I am really enjoying my experience. I have found my Spec niche as far as Turkeyshoot goes, so though I am busy, I am happier, and in some miraculous turn of events, I actually studied quite a lot this weekend and am feeling fairly prepared to go to class tomorrow. My preparation tonight gives me time to go check out the markets again tomorrow for the article on Holiday food in the city that I am running later in the week.

I think I hear sleigh bells ringing...ting-ting-tingiling-too...wait, that is just a cab honking.

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