Monday, December 31, 2007

Home Cooking

It is so COLD!!! I have been freezing ever since I got home. No one in California keeps their heaters on. My room is an ice box. To remedy this situation, I have tried to make myself as fat as possible by cooking and baking as much as possible. I have been a sautéing, baking, stirring madwoman since the moment I stepped into my house. I forgot what it was like to have tons of ingredients and utensils readily available, and I have gone a bit crazy. Luckily, my family has gone a bit crazy with the entertaining, so I make food for the people that come over to our house almost daily. Right now, I am really into biscotti and crumbly cookies, as well as quick-cooking vegetables (as always). I discovered that the sautéed sweet potato in a veggie stir fry with a little bit of ginger and garlic salt is just delectable.


I was so proud of myself on Christmas: I made two different reduction sauces. The first was a maple glaze for my sweet potatoes, which came out okay. I tried to pour it before it had reduced enough, but managed to salvage it. The second, an orange buerre sauce, would have been great had I used unsalted butter and shallots like the recipe asked for. It ended up tasting way too buttery, but the thickness was great.


I have also been experimenting with melting chocolate. It started with a batch of biscotti that I made on Christmas Day. I thought, why not try dipping these in chocolate? I did, making them quite delicious. I then started trying to make a glaze yesterday for the cake that I made for my sister's birthday party. I figured out that adding milk to chocolate makes it thicker and adding butter makes it thinner. I feel like Paula Deen with all the butter that I have been using.


So today I was very proud of myself for going butterless. Vegetables made up a large part of every meal that I had today. I had an egg white omlette for breakfast, a grilled vegetable salad for lunch, and vegetables, rice, and seared ahi for dinner. Mmmmm…all I need for happiness in life is a sauté pan, a knife, a fork, and a farmer's market.

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