Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scenes from a Day on the Town

So basically I spent the last two days doing nothing but exploring the city by day and deep-cleaning my room by night. As the days on the town produce much more interesting pictures, I tend to favor those ones. I am running late for my last day on the town before I return to suburbanville, so I shall refrain from commenting for the moment. Just take in SoHo shopping, the Met, the terrible, disappointing cupcake from Cupcake Cafe (never again), and the cute little subway creatures. As well as my foray into the world of nannies to fight to get a second with Santa.

So yesterday I started out at the Met, spending a good two hours in the European painting/impressionism wing with my trusty and nerdy audioguide (notice that THAT picture is not up here). I then booked it downtown for lunch at Better Burger, which is indeed Better than any other burger place I have ever been to before. The Karma Ketuchp is spiced with indian spices and makes my knees go weak. I would eat it plain (and do, on occasion). I also spent a little bit of time with the Santa at ABC Home and Carpet because no one is too old to get a free lollipop. While waiting for Santa to get back from his break, I headed over to the Cupcake Cafe on 18th between 5th and 6th. TERRIBLE. I repeat, TERRIBLE. This beautiful picture is nothing more than a ruse. I got a maple walnut on a recommendation from the guy behind the counter and found the cake cold and bland, as well as the frosting too melty and not sweet enough. I went back and get another one. Chocolate this time, to the same result, if not worse. $5 down the drain, though I will make sure that I, nor anyone that I talk to about this, ever goes there again. I was horribly upset. It almost ruined my day.

So I got out my anger by going kickboxing at the NYSC with Diana and her trainer, Abel. AWESOME. And yes, all of these capitals are necessary. I did some heavy-duty punching and kicking, and I am definitely still feeling that circle of front kicks around the room.

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