Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Spec dinner and FOOD!

I have a Lit Hum final in two days, which I really need to study for. So I am going to go to SoHo this afternoon and do a restaurant review, instead. In my defense, I happen to do my best reading on the train, and SoHo affords me quite a few stops with which to do this. It is all part of the life of the food editor, which makes me oh-so-excited. I was at Spec dinner last night with all 200 or so staffers of the Spectator, and I just couldn't stop gushing, in between my staunch defenses that, "I'm NOT leaving news!!"

Being Spectator food and drink editor means that I am in charge of making sure the paper is put together and edited one of the 5 nights of the week, as well as making sure that there is content for the food section 3-4 times a week. I have to come up with ideas and edit all of the stories that run for food. I am also going to start running an article in our Thursday magazine every other week. Basically, now that I have risen up in the food chain (haha, just got that joke after I already wrote it), I have more delegation duties than writing duties. Hooray for all the ASB I did in high school!

And hooray for Spec dinner (and not quite knowing how to use the flash on my camera in that last picture)!

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