Saturday, December 15, 2007

Terrible, terrible. I have been foregoing blogging for studying (gasp!), as I am now deep into the throes of finals week. What is even more terrible is that I got up early this morning to study with my friend Diana and nothing was open! No oatmeal OR coffee! It is like people around here don't expect college students to be up at 8 AM on a Saturday morning or something. We finally found some oatmeal at the cafe down the street, but it was watery and nowhere near the yummy goodness of the campus cafe's thick oatmeal with self-serve raisins. And I just had to wait for my coffee, as it is below freezing today and a little windy and I did not quite feel like making the trek to Starbucks.

On a happier note, yesterday I officially finished my first two college classes. I turned in my final Uni Writing essay, then took the dreaded Lit Hum final (the reason why I have been foregoing blogging). I am feeling generally confident about both of my final grades.

I also went to Diana's apartment with her last night on 97th and Broadway, which was AWESOME. I forgot what it was like to be in a home with drywall and knicknacks and warm light rather than cinderblock and gross tile and flourescents. It was nice to remember what it is like to live in civilization. Actually, my dorm is really not that bad. I am becoming better friends with a lot of the people that live on my floor, and I have started utilizing the kitchen in the basement a lot more. On Thursday, I made gingerbread cookies and chocolate cupcakes for our holiday secret "solstice" (Santa) party, which made me quite happy. I forgot how much fun it is to cook. I am hoping to use some more of the ingredients that I have left over and make chocolate chip tomorrow.

I have decided to be productive and go back to studying.

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Tutuk said...

wooow, what an amazing diaries of a college student. I'm a college student too. We must have a fun in our studying life. Btw can you give me the gingerbread recipe and chocolate cupcakes, it must be delicious...