Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm Home

And I am not quite sick of it yet. I find that there is more than a week's worth of stuff to do, which is what I had predicted. Coming back after four months has made me very appreciative of both my old and my new homes. For one thing, I am very glad that I did not come home before now. I was away long enough that I have adjusted to life on my own in New York. I can appreciate how long and short four months is. It was long enough to push me out on my own, but not long enough for anything in Ventura to change. The same people work at the skating rink. They still know my order at Peet's. My friends going to community college are still in school. That was mean. I'm still a bitch.

But my life has changed. Being back in Ventura, where the same old thing is going on, highlights for me how much I have developed as a person, both the good and the bad. I am more abrasive and more elitist. But I also know a little bit more about the world, and have opened my eyes to the fact that I don't know enough about the world. I can say "my friend from Australia does this," "kids from Jersey say that." I no longer think that the best place in Vegas to eat is at the buffet. In the dining section I went straight to Daniel and Mesa Grill. But then, the fact that I am home with my family and old friends brings me back down to Earth. We are going to the $9.99 dinner buffet, and kids from Ventura can be just as cool as the ones from Nigeria and New Zealand.

The thing I miss the most about Ventura, aside from my house and my family, is the coffee. I miss going to coffee with my mom, sister, and grandma at Peet's. I miss the foam that I get, and the delicious, fresh-brewed Special Blend that I would drink black. No one makes coffee like my local Peet's does, and I just can't get over it. I won't go even a day without going there and ordering my Café au Lait while I am home.

The thing I miss the second most is the gym. I would give my pinky finger to have Body Pump, RPM, and Spin with me in New York. Not to mention Bradi, Jamie, Molly and Brenda. I just want to pick up the whole gym and bring it with me.

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