Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Semester II, a bit late

I have been lax with blogging of late. However, I have been having a lot of thoughts on life, just normally when I am doing something else, like school work or something (damn stuff gets in the way). It has been Restaurant Week in the city, so may spare time not taken up with going to class, Spectator, or doing work usually involves me gathering a group of friends and going out -- see previous post: meeting Bobbly Flay. Last night I went to this place called Fig & Olive, which is in the Meatpacking District, which is one of my favorite quirky gentrified neighborhoods in Manhattan. It is on the waterfront, west of the West Village, and an odd mix of trash, ugly, factory-like buildings, and high end restaurants/clubs. I went with my friend Pierre last night and had a ton of fun completely extricating myself from the scholarly life and looking myself in the ambiance of a fancy restaurant for a slow meal. The first course was an olive oil tasting (I had olives in my first course and figs in my dessert last night, so the name is fairly appropriate). We got a tray with a sweet, buttery olive oil from Spain, an "herbacious" olive oil from Austraila, and tart, appley olive oil that won some sort of award to sop up with uniteresting bread while we waited a half hour for our appetizers to arrive. Seriously, the waiter used the term "herbacious" in a completely serious manner. And I will now use it satirically every time I see Pierre. Despite the hilariosity of the description, the olive oil was amazing. I ended up buying a bottle with my frivolity fund as we left. Hopefully this weekend I am going to get some good bread from Silver Moon, cheese from Westside, and wine from somewhere and throw Sara a fancy party. In our incredibly high-class dorm room.

In other news, classes have begun. I am taking the second part of Lit Hum (LIterature Humanities, or theHistory of Western Literature, depending on how many words you want to use). We are reading the Aeneid, but I am more excited for Montaigne, Bocaccio, Crime and Punishment, and Maus to come. That's right, the last book we read is a graphic novel. I am also taking Frontiers of Science, which is a sciencesurvey course which I will wait to judge until at least next week, French II, which is fairly straighforwardly French, Principles of Economics with a cute little Italian lady, and Inro to Urban Sociology, which I am fairly sure I am going to fall in love with. It is about the makeup of a city, people on a larger scale. Why is there poverty and unemployment and dirt in a city? Why do people of the same background live together? What makes up a neighborhood? Ask me in a few months.

I also found this on YouTube. Enjoy while I go to Econ lecture.

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Krista said...

I am a huge fan of Maus. I have the first and second volumes, in fact. I think it's such an original way -- not to mention powerful -- way to tell such an important story.