Sunday, March 2, 2008

Headache, thy name is frontiers

I have this class, it's called "Frontiers of Science," where we literally go to the frontier (cutting edge) of scientific discovery and learn about some of the most complicated research out there today and how it applies to our world. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to my world very well. While the concepts that I get lectured on are ones that the professional scientists at a multi-billion dollar research institution aren't quite able to figure out, the way that the information is presented is on the level of about a 7th grader, which makes me lose interest, fast. I am trying to do the homework right now and I can't decide whether the questions are really as base as they seem, or if they are just so over my head that I don't even comprehend their meaning. Either way, I am not interested. Because of this, I spend most of the time I devote to the subject complaining about it rather than actually studying for it. I don't even know what to study for.

I understand the science requirement here; I frankly have no problem taking 3 science courses before I graduate. I am sure that they will be useful to me. But please let me take courses that are actually going to be useful to me. I would have been happy to take a course on sustainable development, but I couldn't because Frontiers of Science got in my way.

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