Sunday, April 20, 2008

Firsts for the Weekend

Manischewitz (first glass...good, second glass...hmm, third glass...kinda gross, fourth glass...somehow good again :) )

O'Connell's -- Really not so hot. I now know enough to know that I wasn't missing anything when I didn't go before and probably won't be missing anything if I don't go again for a while. On the other hand, I got in, meaning...

Uris Pool -- I've decided that I need to start swimming, so that when I decide that cycling isn't enough and I need to become a triathlete, I'll be somewhat ready (plus the suit I bought yesterday gives me awesome cleavage like no bra I've ever had before. Had to buy it, now must use it). 1st swim workout: 15 minutes!

Gimme! Coffee -- Delicious, and it's stand-at-the-bar only, so I can feel like I'm in Europe again!

Spicy Thai Chocolate Gelato from Whole Foods -- A new reason to live.

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