Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Miss Fix-It

I'm becoming a little more handy. Last night, after riding in the park I noticed that my tires were feeling a little low, so I decided to take out my nifty pump (that I bought and dragged through the subway from Union Square at rush hour with the kid with the bass), and give myself some air. Unfortunately, after I removed the pump from my back tire, I heard a slight hissing sound. Assuming a snake didn't somehow crawl onto the 12th floor, I deduced that the sound was probably coming from that back tire that I had just pumped up. Shit. The back tire, again.

Maybe I didn't tighten it enough after I pumped it up. So I screwed the screw a little tighter. Then I left, ate, went to a concert, and took care of some of the usually stressful Spec-related business. By the time I came back to my bike three hours later, the back tire was decidedly more deflated. Shit times two. Actually--not shit--now was the time to prove that I actually had some handy-woman skills. So I picked up Roxie, walked her into the hallway, and then went to get a towel as to not get grease everywhere (didn't work).

I then successfully derailed my back wheel from my chain and derailleur (no sweat, I'm actually getting better at this). I then set Roxie aside and started work on my wheel. I got the tire out of the wheel frame, took out the tube, inspected it, made sure one more time that there wasn't something left over in the tire from my flat last week, and took out a new tube. Even though I couldn't find anything wrong with the tube that was in there, I figured I better just change the tube than spend an hour trying to figure out what was going on (I'm not that handy yet).

I put a little air in the tube, got it into the tire, got the tire fixed back on the wheel, and used my handy air pump one more time to get myself up to 120psi (okay, 110). And then I reattached the wheel without a hitch. Not only was I totally proud of myself, but I also had dirty hands, which made me even more proud.

To top of the evening, Sara was in the shower, so I couldn't wash my hands in my sink, and had to go ask Ben to use his, therefore being able to tell my story and look really cool for being all greasy. Ben told me he was proud of me.

And then I went and finished my homework, feeling like a big girl.


I felt like even more of a big girl when I went out and made it forty miles this morning with no tire problems. Therefore, my awesome handywoman work last night actually worked. And now, all I want to do is take a nap.

I went to Ferris today after my ride, finally ready to try the new smoothie bar. Blended watermelon, pineapple, and ice turns out to be a little bit more juice than smoothie, but delicious all the same. And then, it was time for the splurge--as I stared at the pizza, determining if it actually looked good enough to waste calories on, this guy with a bright smile and almost annoyingly peppy attitude came up to let me know that he would make me a custom one if I wanted. My toppings, fresh from the oven. I was sold. Thin crust, tomato sauce, light goat cheese, caramelized onions, bell peppers, and chicken. So delicious that I ate the whole thing. Now I'm pretty glad I went 40 miles today. But seriously--pizza heaven.

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