Monday, April 14, 2008

The Sun's Out Today

Life is a wild frenzy of excitement--in the way that I cannot sit for a minute to update my life. The past two weekends I have been gone with the cycling team to West Point and Boston, respectively, as I have joined and begun racing my bike. Getting away for the weekend has done wonders for my state of mind. I think I was going crazy here for a while because everything was so very stable and subtly stressful. I was in a stalemate of school work, Spectator work, try-to-make-my-social-life-work. Instead, I got out a little bit, tried something new, met new people (who are not first years and therefore are not quite so insanely unsure of where/who/what they are in life), and most importantly, had a nice roller coaster ride of super-difficult physical and mental challenge paired with lots of relaxing, fun downtime. I don't remember laughing so much, being so tired, or being in so much pain in a long time. So I think I am going to keep it up, even if it means stepping back a little bit from responsibilities that I have here (school, Spec). Ultimately, it is better for my mental state.

In other news, spring is here! There have been several days where the weather has reached high above 60, and in the below picture, check out bike lessons in Riverside Park on a lazy Saturday afternoon!

Also, see what happens when you realize that large vans with bike racks aren't going to make it under the bridge labeled 9'2" high, and must stop in the middle of a 2-lane highway and shove down all of the seat posts, creating hours and hours of traffic for the poor souls behind you.

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