Saturday, May 24, 2008


The New York Times this morning: "PARIS — Serge Hefez, a practicing psychiatrist, has identified a new mental illness among the French: obsessive Sarkosis, an unhealthy fascination with the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy."

I can, sadly, relate to this form of adoration. I, too, suffer from some form of Sarkosis. I love name-dropping him, or Cecelia, or even Carla Bruni. They are just so much fun.

Besides my odd obsession with a president that isn't even mine (because, after all, who would have an odd obsession with George Bush?), I've been attempting to develop some more healthy habits, which may or may not actually be so healthy when all is said and done. Like riding my bicycle.

Being bored at home the last week, all I can focus on is my bicycle, both updating it and riding it. I'm in the process of getting new pedals, new shoes, hopefully a new saddle. I finally fixed my handlebar tape so that it isn't held together with white sports tape. And then I did a bad thing. I got on my mom's bike and realized how much lighter it is than mine, and got really disappointed. My spirits both dipped lower and then rose a little as I tried to ride her bke and realized that her shoes don't fit me, so even with all her fanciness I am still better on my bike than I am on hers.

My lack of ability to kick ass on her bike yesterday may also have had something to do with the fact that I have been training hard for five days in a row and I was completely burned out. Between overtraining, tight shoes, and rain, I ended my ride yesterday at just under 15 miles. That still was enough to push me over 130 miles for the week, however, assuming that I am good and can stay off my bike today. I have designated a recovery day for myself, but sitting here on my butt right now just isn't quite doing it for me.

I slept in today. 8 am. I am taking this as a sign that I might just have gotten over my jet lag/decompression. Decompression is how I refer to that first week back where I couldn't figure out what to do with myself not having a million academic things to do every day. I think I may have relaxed just the slightest bit. And I read! I am coming up on finishing my second book for pleasure since I got back, and it is a rather amazing feeling.

Sadly, as I check the weather forecast I realize that the weather in New York is just slightly better than it is here. I slept with 5 blankets and a sweatshirt last night. There has been a 40 degree shift in the weather since I got home. I think I brought weather back with me from New York. Luckily, as I glance out the window over the ocean I see the sun peeking through the clouds. Since when is it warmer and nicer at the beach than it is at my house??

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time to ride, no time to write

I can't wait until I have time to do things like write down my own thoughts. I wish I had time for my own thoughts. In other news, I used the slight lull in my finals schedule today to get up at the crack of dawn and ride with a few people from the team. The view of Manhattan from the GW bridge at sunrise is unparalleled. Better than sunset, definitely.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Too Tired to be Interesting

Whenever I am riding my bike, I have these fabulous ideas for blog topics. My mind runs wild for a while, then by the time I get back, shower, change my clothes, and re-enter the real world, I forget about all the cool/interesting/snotty things that I was thinking about when I was riding, and it never makes it to the blog. It's kind of like dreaming while I'm on my bike, I guess. That's the kind of state that I'm in.

Today while I was riding I decided to listen to the last two Frontiers lectures that I was only paying attention to about 15% the first time around. This time, I found, I retained about 75% of what I had missed! Had I discovered this two months ago, I could have saved myself a lot of stress on Monday mornings and stopped going to lecture. I wish that I could learn everything while on my bike. I would be in a lot better shape, and probably be better learned. Oh well, c'est la vie, and now is not the time for learning, but rather the time for reviewing.

I don't know how I am going to make it through a week of finals. I am burned out already. And I'm tired. Perhaps I shouldn't have chosen decaf. Then again, maybe I should be going to bed.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I should be reading. I meant to be reading.

I'm definitely in love with this whole cycling thing. This is a good thing on many levels, including my lack of love(r). On other levels, however, I'm afraid I might be going quite insane.

I've got that feeling in my legs where they are completely drained out, with broken-down muscle struggling to rebuild itself (helped along by some turkey jerky and a chicken burrito for dinner tonight). I love that feeling.

I rode for three hours today, a little farther than I rode last time, including a little more hilly terrain, to get just a little bit stronger. Since I decided to do Bear Mountain (yesterday), I can no longer be lazy and stop seriously biking. Which is perhaps why I decided to do Bear Mountain. It has nothing to do, of course, with the fact that the ridiculous Frontiers of Science final is scheduled for that Sunday (Mothers' Day of all days), and I am morally opposed to taking finals on a Sunday.

Probably the worst thing about my new obsession is my inability to function like a normal college student. The problem is even worse than before. It's before 11 on a Thursday and I am willing to do nothing but sit on my bed and think about the tingling in my legs and how tired I am. This is completely healthy.

Miraculously, I have not forgotten that I have other responsibilities, much as I may play up cycling. I'm up to date on my work, surviving the semester as well as I was before cycling. Still, the only reason that any of my work doesn't get done is because of Spec, not because of riding.

I've spun two bylines out of nowhere this week, and somehow managed to write half of a third article, do original research, spend 7 hours doing associate duty last night, and not kill myself. In other news, I have a 5 page Lit Hum paper due Monday. Don't know where that one is coming from.

It's really time for me to go to bed. But instead of going to bed I counted the number of bylines I have for the semester. 20. Which is 2 more than I had last semester (which means I topped last semester this week). I can't decide if I'm proud of that or if I wish that I had more. Could I have written more this semester? Should I have? I'm pretty sure I pushed myself to the limit, but there is always the "What if..." Since I have two more articles to spin out of nowhere for next week, my goal for next semester has to be 23. No--25.

It's pretty funny to go under my name and look at the list of Senate/food/Senate/food articles, with a side of TV and cool events. I seem a little disjointed, methinks.