Thursday, May 1, 2008

I should be reading. I meant to be reading.

I'm definitely in love with this whole cycling thing. This is a good thing on many levels, including my lack of love(r). On other levels, however, I'm afraid I might be going quite insane.

I've got that feeling in my legs where they are completely drained out, with broken-down muscle struggling to rebuild itself (helped along by some turkey jerky and a chicken burrito for dinner tonight). I love that feeling.

I rode for three hours today, a little farther than I rode last time, including a little more hilly terrain, to get just a little bit stronger. Since I decided to do Bear Mountain (yesterday), I can no longer be lazy and stop seriously biking. Which is perhaps why I decided to do Bear Mountain. It has nothing to do, of course, with the fact that the ridiculous Frontiers of Science final is scheduled for that Sunday (Mothers' Day of all days), and I am morally opposed to taking finals on a Sunday.

Probably the worst thing about my new obsession is my inability to function like a normal college student. The problem is even worse than before. It's before 11 on a Thursday and I am willing to do nothing but sit on my bed and think about the tingling in my legs and how tired I am. This is completely healthy.

Miraculously, I have not forgotten that I have other responsibilities, much as I may play up cycling. I'm up to date on my work, surviving the semester as well as I was before cycling. Still, the only reason that any of my work doesn't get done is because of Spec, not because of riding.

I've spun two bylines out of nowhere this week, and somehow managed to write half of a third article, do original research, spend 7 hours doing associate duty last night, and not kill myself. In other news, I have a 5 page Lit Hum paper due Monday. Don't know where that one is coming from.

It's really time for me to go to bed. But instead of going to bed I counted the number of bylines I have for the semester. 20. Which is 2 more than I had last semester (which means I topped last semester this week). I can't decide if I'm proud of that or if I wish that I had more. Could I have written more this semester? Should I have? I'm pretty sure I pushed myself to the limit, but there is always the "What if..." Since I have two more articles to spin out of nowhere for next week, my goal for next semester has to be 23. No--25.

It's pretty funny to go under my name and look at the list of Senate/food/Senate/food articles, with a side of TV and cool events. I seem a little disjointed, methinks.

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