Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Box in a Brownstone in Brooklyn. Hooray for alliteration.

I live in a glorified box. In a brownstone, in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And I am kind of digging it. I might even like it better than living in my dorm room last year. I have a full-sized bed, which gives it mucho props in my book. Other than the fact that I don't have any room for my clothes, everything has it's little nook and it is working for me. I can't have tons of shit because I don't have any room for it. My bed is loft-style, so my desk and most of my room is underneath it.

To me, it doesn't really matter how small it is considering that anything I could ever need is right outside my door. I took the L into Manhattan last night and walked around the East Village for a while, ending up at Think coffee on Mercer (my intended destination, since it was the closest place I knew of that had free wireless while my home connection still hadn't been set up). I've seen more diversity in the last 24 hours than I did the entire month that I was in Ventura.

This morning, I set off for Columbia on my bike. I left way early for the group ride at 9, since I didn't quite know where I was going. It ended up taking me less than an hour, with only a few less-than-than-graceful moves along the way. Once I met up with the team, I already had a good 10 miles under my belt. I only ended up going about 15 miles with them before turning around at state line, partially because of the long haul back to Brooklyn, partially because I don't want to be completely shot when I have to get up for work in the morning, and partially because I am a wimp and I didn't want to descend the hill after state line because then I would have to turn right around and climb it again. Even just to state line put me over 50 miles for the day. Not bad for my first 18 hours of being back in the city.

Tomorrow I start working. Fingers crossed that I don't get lost or something.

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