Sunday, July 20, 2008

Deutsch und Food

Ich passe Le Tour auf Deutche auf weil le Tour auf Englisch ist nicht eingeschalten werden...Sometimes I miss taking German a little bit. It's a lot of fun to speak. The cadence is fabulous, and while it's not as pretty to listen to as French or Spanish, it is rather easier for me to imitate. At some point in my life I think I need to go back and revisit it.

This thought comes about as I am listening to the Tour in German (for those that didn't understand the first sentence, either because it is in German, or because it is in very badly translated German), because for some reason the English channel on is having all sorts of problems. This is actually a good thing because, while it takes me back to my year of Germanness, it also relieves me of having to listen to the annoying announcers in English--I actually prefer the ones that I can't understand--I just get excited about certain words that I recognize and don't have to worry about what sort of stupid things they might be saying.

In other news, I went to this cute little restaurant in Chelsea last night called Trestle on Tenth. It was really out of the way, way up on 24th and Tenth Ave. At first it was a little disappointing, but by the end of the night I was very pleased. I had heard that it was Swiss food, which confused me a little bit--Swiss cuisine is not normally recognized as being particularly fabulous (or cohesive). It turns out that the menu is not strictly Swiss (no fondue), but just has a few Swiss-inspired dishes. I had this deep green snap pea soup that was delicious, and my favorite dessert: chocolate ice cream! Nearly as good as Lab de Gelato...seriously, made with Valrhona chocolate.

After dinner, the chef came out to talk to us, and I was proud of myself to recognize his Swiss German accent (thanks Carola!). We talked a little about the food, a little more about the place (dates to 1893 when it was an old house in Chelsea commons), and a lot about Le Tour. He revealed himself to be somewhat of a "weekend warrior" when it comes to cycling, and shared his disbelief and disappointment in the recent Tour scandals. Tears were shed over Ricco. Okay, so maybe I was the only one sad about Ricco, but what's a girl to do? He was my favorite bad boy, but EPO is just a little too bad for me.

The romantic restaurant research continues this morning. Ressies in an hour at One If By Land, Two If By Sea...

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