Saturday, July 19, 2008

Excuse my explicatives.

It's fucking hot. That's all I have to say. Really, that's all that I can say. I am currently avoiding my apartment like the plague because of its non-air conditionedness. Why anyone in their right mind would go out for a long ride today, I cannot tell you. Why I did it? Mostly because I would feel guilty if I didn't. Couple having to ride all the way across Manhattan, in blazing heat and humidity, with some fairly fierce winds, however, and it doesn't make for a very happy morning.

But such is the price that I pay for seeing the skyline every morning and having four free restaurant meals scheduled for the next week. Pocket Change is awesome--too awesome to be true, in fact--so awesome that I don't actually get paid to work there. However, I do get some fancy press credentials (semi-legitimate), a cool work environment, a chance to explore the Lower East Side, and, at the end of the rainbow, I get to interview Nikki Cascone from Top Chef!

Right now, though, I get to go get my laundry.

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