Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting in the Groove

It's been a while. I work a lot, I don't have internet at my apartment. After staring at the computer for 8 hours during the day, I usually don't really want to type out my thoughts when I get home. I want to get out and see the sun. My schedule's mostly been running like this: wake up before 7, shower and breakfast, catch the L to the N or the F, have some coffee for a half hour or so while checking personal email in Bryant Park, work until 12 or 12:30, get out, walk around, maybe catch something cool and free in the park (Michael Ian Black yesterday!), go back to work until 6, train home, run/bike, eat something, crash. By Wednesday, I'm sick of it.

Thursdays are much better. I'm more relaxed. I got up at the same time this morning, but had time for a ride because I don't have to be at Pocket Change until 10. I feel better when I get my workout out of the way in the morning. Now I can actually do something when I get off of work other than go home to change and sweat. Like finally get my watch fixed.

I am starting to fill up my "fun" schedule, though. Went out to dinner with Dylan last night. Hung out with a bunch of Brooklyn hipsters at the empty McCarren Park pool to see The Virgin Suicides on Tuesday, I'm going to a concert tomorrow night, I'm getting two free meals because of Pocket Change this weekend, and getting my haircut on Monday! That's more than I did the entire time I was in Ventucky. And I'm determined to fit workouts in there most days. How could I live anywhere else?

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