Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

It's raining. I haven't exercised in at least 72 straight hours, and I am going a little crazy. Oh well, I am trying this new thing called letting go and going with the flow. I gave up my exercise time yesterday to go see a Broadway show (poor me, I know). And the day is far from over. My lack of run this morning could be replaced by a nice one this afternoon. I thought about going out in the rain this morning, then I decided that I'm a little run down by my 2.5 jobs anyway, and why don't I just go back into the apartment and relax for a little while instead? It takes a conscious effort for me not to be going 24/7 all the time. There are just so many options in New York that I can't stand to be still for a minute. But this morning I decided to bring my laptop to the coffeeshop around the corner and do whatever I wanted for a while instead. Life will go on, I believe.

Chicago last night was great. And of course it was raining, because it was Broadway. I don't know what Broadway is without rain. Literally, I have seen 4 Broadway shows in my life, all in different seasons, and every single time it has been raining either before or after the show. I always come home from Broadway with wet shoes. At least I can count on consistency, and have attuned myself to always bring an umbrella.

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