Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Red Leather Shoes

Today is a lazy day--but a lazy day with a mission, and a few obstacles. I was out of reading material, and completely unwilling to sit around my apartment and watch television, so I set out for Manhattan in my red leather flats. While my choice of shoes does not normally make it onto this blog, today I felt as if they added something to my story.

I have told several people in the last few days that it is supposed to rain today. It was cloudy when I woke up, as the minutes wore on the day seemed to be getting darker. And yet I left my house in red leather flats, you know, the ones with the designs cut into them. Sure enough, as I made my way down the stairs to the L train, I felt the first drops of doom fall upon me, but I kept walking. Somewhere between buying Truman Capote and buying an American Apparel t-shirt to stencil at the Obama Summerfest in Central Park tomorrow came the downpour. A true, humid-weather, New York summer downpour, complete with thunder and rain drops the size of dogs. Really, I think I saw an H2O imitation of Coal somewhere out there this afternoon.

Alas, other than the wet shoes, I made it through the rain without melting. It has let up now, as I sit in a Columbia computer lab waiting for my shoes to dry after picking up my mail.

I have this weird craving for a soda. I have given up soda, maybe for real this time. Well, kind of. I let myself drink it when I go drinking and don't want alcohol. Aspartame is my vice. My general cravings for diet soda have almost disappeared, except for right now. I think it is something about being in Lerner at Columbia. Next door to the computer lab that I am in is one of my favorite soda machines on campus. It ALWAYS has Coke Zero. I guess it's a good thing that it's card swiper has been disabled, or I would probably be drinking one right now...

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