Monday, October 20, 2008

Is it really only 9 AM?

This morning:

3:40 AM - Wake up. Remember the Red Sox lost last night. Bummed.

3:55 AM - Kiss dad goodbye, head downstairs, sit in the Double Tree Club Boston lobby waiting for the airport shuttle to leave.

4:00 AM - Kiss mom goodbye, get on the shuttle.

4:15 AM - Arrive at airport, wonder why the cab to the hotel on Saturday night took 3 times as long (and went around the city rather than through it).

4:20 AM - Sit at a table in the airport and try to finish Calc homework. Wonder why I didn't take the 5 AM shuttle

5:10 AM - Go through security. Wonder why I wore heavy boots through an airport security line.

5:15 AM - Get Starbucks, smell and smile.

5:20 AM - Sit and eat a banana, wait for plane to board.

5:30 AM - Board plane. Almost take out several people trying to get my insane amount of carry on luggage on the plane. Notice many people around me rolling eyes (wish that I could blame them).

5:35 AM - Attempt to finish my French homework before I'm told to put my tray table up.

6:00 AM - Take off. Finish French and switch back to Calculus.

7:00 AM - Depart plane. Head to Air Train.

7:15 AM - Board Air Train. Switch to The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

7:20 AM - Depart Air Train. Head to LIRR.

7:23 AM - Get lucky in that the express train to Penn Station arrived as my ticket was printing. Immediately board and depart for Manhattan.

7:40 AM - Arrive at Penn Station. Head to subway.

7:43 AM - Stand on the express platform. Watch 3 local trains come and go before the 3 train arrives.

7:55 AM - Pack in the expresss train.

8:05 AM - Switch to the local train.

8:10 AM - Arrive at 116th St.

8:15 AM - Arrive at 47 Claremont, about 40 hours after leaving. Put down bags, grab an apple, complain to Kyle about having to go to class, change clothes (of course).

8:35 AM - Leave for class.

8:40 AM - Arrive, IAB, 5 minutes early for class, exactly 5 hours after getting up.

...and, still to come:

More coffee
French class
Finally finish my Calc homework
Turn in Calc Homework
Edit Spec article
Send in Spec article
Attend Calc lecture?
Polish Africa paper
Print Africa paper
Turn in Africa paper
Attend Africa lecture?
1st day of training plan
Dinner with Matt?
Track down Eye article
Check in Eye article
Go to Eye meeting

It's really funny the things that are necessary and the things that are optional on that list...

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