Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stupidest Move Ever?

I. am. such. an. idiot. I'm currently standing in the lobby of my building, sans shoes, with a headache and a pit in my stomach. Bored and broken-hearted, I rushed out of my room when I heard voices in the hallway to extend an invitation to the people next door to our Halloween party tomorrow night (we aren't yet friends on Facebook, and I was THAT bored). All I was wearing was my long sweater (doing its job as an acceptable outfit that's mega comfortable for laying around. What I didn't have on was pants, socks, or shoes.

Sure enough, in my hurry to catch them before they caught the elevator, my keys went the way of my shoes. Or, rather, they didn't go anywhere and I did. It should be mentioned that the reason I am so bored is all my suitemates are gone, most of them far downtown just beginning their posh dinner, not to return for hours. So now I am stranded in the lobby, hacking away at the public computer while I wait for my rescuer from Hartley to show up with a spare key. I feel like more of an idiot now than I did when my plan for the evening was the last episode of House on my Netflix DVD and then sleep.

Hormones and stress. Seriously. Grr.

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