Friday, December 5, 2008

Hobbes is waiting...

I love BBC. I can always count on a great front page headline, such as, "Man killed for 'hogging karaoke.'" When I am stressed to the max and worried about how the hell I'm going to get through 100 pages of Hobbes in the next hour, I can always count on a good laugh coming from my news feed.

In other news, yes I have to read 100 pages of Hobbes in the next hour. I've also got hundreds of pages of sustainable development surrounding me right now, but less pressure to have a knowledgeable discussion about it in 3 hours, 50 minutes, plus an hour an a half of riding to do at some point before that.

My training plan is, quite plainly, kicking me in the ass. If it would be more appropriate to use a euphamism, I might think about it, but I think the full-fledged description is suitable for the amount of time I'm putting in. I worry about it constantly, it's always a question of upholding my training responsibilities, vs my Spec responsibilities, vs school work. It's always hard because the final one is technically the most important, but for the most part, not as immediately pressing as the first two. My scales are off-balance. Then there is the constantly pressing threat of "life after college." What I decide I want to do heavily influences the amount of effort I put into certain things. If I am serious about being a journalist, lower grades and more Spec responsibilities and bylines are probably not a bad idea. However, if I'm applying to Harvard Law, the reverse is probably true. At some point, I should probably figure out my life.

However, the majority of this is just meaningless drivel. Most likely, I should allow what I enjoy now lead me to what I want to do later, not the other way around. Either way, I will end up doing something, and if I follow passions rather than dreams I might have a better shot at ultimate contentedness. But I just don't want to let doors close prematurely. The more I realize I cannot do everything, the more I want to do it all.

And, after all that complaing, Hobbes still lays in the grass, waiting, waiting...

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