Monday, January 12, 2009

10 of 30: A day for 'cross

What is it with me and throwing myself into crap I've never done before on a bicycle just because someone tells me I should? That was the thought running through my head as I ran up a dirty hill in a vineyard in the middle of nowhere Arroyo Grande this morning with my bike slung over my shoulder. It turns out that 'cross is pretty fun, albeit much different than I expected. Perhaps I should have ridden off-road at least once before getting on the course. Maybe. But then again, I threw myself into it and I did okay. Now, I know that I like it, I need to practice it if I am ever going to do it again (probably), and I am pumped to start racing on the road. On the flats I was the most comfortable. I picked up time on every straightaway. It wasn't enough time to make up for all of the time that I lost getting off and on my bike, but it taught me a few things about where my strengths lie, and where I need to do some work.

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