Monday, January 5, 2009

3 of 30: Social Anxiety

I can't seem to relax in the presence of other people. What is this about? I always feel like I need to leave, regardless of whether or not I actually have somewhere to go. Stef was pretty good at getting me to relax and go with the flow--I haven't really met anyone else who was able to do that yet. If I don't have a definite plan to be with someone from a certain time to another certain time, I tend to freak out. Why can't I just pick up and go with the flow? I seem to be able to do that fine when I'm with myself, but with other people I freeze. I'm not sure if it is a control factor or what, but add it to the list of things that are starting to scare me (slash, things that I am becoming more aware of).

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Anonymous said...

well i am also suffering from this