Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grammar and stuff

Things I have learned today that have nothing to do with the two midterms that I have tomorrow:

  • In Iceland, if you want to name your child something not commonly used, it must be approved for use in the Icelandic language and be able to be declined (change in grammatical case).
  • Bristol Palin and the "fiancee" broke up. "A while ago," according to him. And this was on the Twitterfeed of the NYTimes, NPR, and CNN. What is this world coming to???? Grammatically, I think that should be, "to what is this world coming?," but what do I know? Also, where does the comma belong in that last phrase?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sentence-final prepositions are not inherently objectionable. A bugbear of yesteryear. In this case all the more so as "What is this world coming to" is a time-honored phrase.

As for the comma question, the MLA would most likely approve of your usage.