Monday, March 16, 2009

A grand German adventure: part I

Germany. Woot. I am currently sitting in our tiny hotel room looking out over the main street that runs by the train station in Frankfurt. Kurt and I explored the area today; it's beautiful and quite German. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but we've had a pleasant experience. Sure, it's not Manhattan or London or Paris, and I am starting to get why I got advice to get out of here and visit somewhere else, but I also see that it has its own little charm, more akin to something like Seattle or a city in the midwest--still urban, but not so geared towards tourists.

But there are plenty of museums (all of which are closed on Mondays, of course), lots of shopping (which is fun because it's in German), and taverns. For lunch, I had frankfurters and sauerkraut  with Apfelwein, a regional specialty, at Alfred Wagner, one of the most well-known Apfelwein taverns in the city. Between that and the tons and tons of Reisling around here, we should be happy for the next three days. 

Tomorrow, we are going to take a day trip to Heidelberg, an old university town about 60 miles away, then we are going to do museums on Wednesday. And now is nappy time.

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