Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An even keel?

Sickness. Awful. Saturday and Sunday I went to bed at 10 pm. Today I fell asleep after riding, about 45 minutes before my 6 pm class. Luckily, the power nap is good to me. I am feeling better.

Last night there was a complete downpour--but on the bright side, the downpour occured on a Monday, the one day that I don't care because I have no need to be on my bike. I am making some progress on my EU essay, and finally picked a topic for my Mass Media essay. Media, Internet, and the Law. Do I perhaps have a very successful lawyer friend who happens to be an expert on this subject? Yes, yes, I do. Score for me.

Also, I am at Spec for the second night in a row. Ew. BUT--that means that I don't have to be back here tomorrow! Which means...that I get out of class at 2:30 and have naught to do but be free! Well, actually, I have to ride for 2 hours then research, research, write, write, write. But the thought of being free does have a nice ring to it. I could even go do research somewhere cool and far away and not have to be back for an evening of being tied to class/Spec. I am too excited about this to actually be coherent.

I am also in the process of weaning myself off artificial sweeteners. No soda, no gum (no gum!). I decided that perhaps the reason I have so many mood swings is because of the chemicals in all of the artificial sweeteners that I consume. Plus, less soda/gum means that I can only satisfy my oral fixation (Freud alert!) with more water. Hydration = awesome.

The Tally:
Life: 4
Me: 4 (5 if you count 1 day of no Splenda, but I am withholding judgement for a week or two. It takes 21 times to kick a habit.)

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