Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exams are a-coming!

I have decided (remembered) that blogging keeps me sane. Somehow, I always forget that when things get busy, then I go way too long without writing, then, as I am about to pull my hair out, I find my keyboard and the cosmoshane url again. In order to keep myself writing, I am going to attempt to keep score of how much life is kicking my butt from now until May 13, the day of my last exam.

Until then, I have:
  • 3 research papers (for a total of 30-36 pages)
  • 1 French essay (1.5 pages)
  • 1 exam (hard)
  • 1 quiz (not so hard)
  • 5 finals (ugh.)
  • 7 (maybe 8) bike races over 3 weekends (yay! And hard.)
  • negative money (but who has time to spend money when doing all the things above?)
Currently, I have 4/10 pages written for the 1/3 papers that are due at the end of the semester. Perhaps this is a paltry amount considering I have been working on one all weekend, but the important part is that I've started. I know what I am writing about. I have several sources. The noose has been loosened just enough that I know I am still alive. AND, I've worked the term "principal-agent problem" into my paper. Score.

The verdict--
Shane: 1
Life: 0

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