Monday, May 25, 2009

The one where things go wrong in the morning

I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go. I got up early this morning, a feat since I was emersed in a book last night and couldn't turn the lights out until much later than the 11pm that I "went to bed." I had my good breakfast of peanut butter toast to prepare me for the intervals I was about to do. I had some coffee, kept the reading around the internet to a minimum, and donned a kit, sunscreen, and HR monitor.

Then I remembered that I needed to lube my chain, as it had been grumbling in the back for quite some time. After dropping a significant amount of lube on the chain and cogs while backpedaling, I started to shift. I shifted some more. Then my shifter broke. It started to make a weird, not quite the click of switching gears noise, and I realized that the chain was stuck in my 40-12. So I looked at the shifter, and the cable just came out. And now, twenty minutes later, I'm sitting here in my chamois writing in my blog, waiting for Mod Squad to open instead of riding my bike.

On the plus side, since Mod Squad doesn't open until 10, I probably should just work from home until after lunch, which means that I can just sit here on the couch doing my research rather than showering and getting dressed and dragging myself all the way down to 68th St. Alternatively, I could do fixed gear intervals, but that doesn't sound very fun, even in the park.

What exactly, may you ask, is it that I do? Well, I tell people that I do a lot of Googling. Which is true, to a certain extent. As a research assistant, my job is to gather as much information as possible, mostly through help from Google. But it's a little bit more complicated than that. I am researching free and open source software policy in Iceland for a project with the Software Freedom Law Center. So I am attempting to find very specific information that I'm not sure actually exists. I rely a lot on European Union and Nordic Council data.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I am going to Iceland in June. And I will be in the Arctic for the summer solstice. Yes!

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