Monday, May 4, 2009

What? Media on the internet? What?

For a Mass Media paper that I am writing, I tried to recycle some information (not plagerize, but build upon) that I wrote last year, first semester, for my writing class. I don't know if I have gotten that much better at research, or if there has been that much shift in culture in 18 months, but it is completely outdated. This is slightly disturbing to me.

I now feel like life is kind of like a bike race (shocker). It's barrelling along, and if you aren't solidly in the draft, you're going to be off the back like a shot, your ass royally dropped and chasing for the next eternity. Kinda scary. But also kind of cool when you look to your side and see how GD fast you are going.

Yes, I used kinda and kind of in the same sentence. Blogs are for copy errors.

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