Monday, June 1, 2009

The one where I don't have any emotions for four days, just races

It was a long week. Then it was an even longer weekend. I certainly recovered from my research mind-block. If there was such a thing as "over-racing" I think I might have done it. As there is not, I'm just tired and ready to slow down for the week and mentally prepare for next week.

My left calf is sore. Not the right one, just the left one. Either my right one is quite a bit stronger than my left one, or my cadence was slightly off-kilter at the track yesterday.

Thursday: Ride twenty miles out to a race, crit race for 20 miles or so, ride twenty miles back home.

Friday: Ride slow, attempt to freshen up the legs with 2 laps in the park.

Saturday: Wake up at 4:30 am. Race for 3 laps in the park. Practice my sprinting by getting 2nd in the prime, winning the race. Ride home. Eat something. Ride another 40ish miles. Lay on the couch the rest of the day, until Jake's with Ben.

Sunday: Wake up at a more normal time, ride the single speed to Columbia. Ride home. Take bike on Subway all the way to Flushing. Ride to track. Ride/race on track from noon to 3. Ride back to the subway. Collapse after getting home, fall asleep on the couch pre-7pm. Wake up just in time to watch Menchov eat it in Rome.

Monday: Wake up and wonder for a second why everything hurts. Remember. Look up track bikes on the internet. Ponder how to best present it to my parents that I need one. Remember that I should probably go to work soon.

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